Potters Design Service

Our lead designer, Mark Stewart, has nearly 30 years of experience designing kitchens and bathrooms.


He has designed rooms of all shapes and sizes, from a windmill to kitchens on the 18th floor of a tower block and just about everything in-between.


Potters use the latest CAD technology to bring our ideas and your dreams to life. After undertaking a detailed room survey, we input the information onto the computer, taking into account your requirements.

Complete DESIGN, supply and installation all under one roof.

Potters Bathroom 151117.jpg
Taylor 1 F.jpg
Billington Bathroom Design 1.png
POTTER 020319.png
Taylor 1 A LF.jpg
Cliff Kitchen Design 1 B.jpg
Cliff en suite Design 1 B.jpg
Evans Bathroom Design 1 A.jpg
France Kitchen Design 3 A.jpg
Tynan Bedroom Design 1 A.jpg
Lacey Kitchen Design 1 D.jpg
Lacey Kitchen Design 1 A.jpg
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