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Smooth Painted Narrow Shaker

Highgate Bedroom Image

Highgate – a classic Shaker beautifully styled for the twenty-first century. Whether you are looking for an elegant, classic setting or a sleek, modern bedroom, Highgate’s sophisticated design and smooth painted finish lends itself to any environment.



  • Single piece Shaker door with narrow frame for a contemporary look

  •  An extensive range of feature door designs and accessories to suit either a classic or modern kitchen design

  • Quality, smooth matt painted finish

  • Available in 3 stocked colours and our full paint-to-order palett

Highgate Bedroom Image
Highgate Bedroom Image
Highgate Bedroom Image
Highgate Bedroom Standard Door Porceain


Highgate Bedroom Standard Door Dove Grey

Dove Grey

Highgate Bedroom Standard Door Dust Grey

Dust Grey

Standard Door Colours

Highgate Bedroom

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Our door are guaranteed for 6 years and cabinets for 10 years. All Blum hinges and drawers: Lifetime guarantee.

Standard doors colours are stocked but the cabinets are custom built. Other colours are available.

We can adjust most door sizes with this range to get the perfect fit.


Colour Wheel


Paint-to-order and Made-to-order products are available on a lead-time and always subject to manufacturing capacity.

Highgate Bedroom Product Overview
Highgate Bedroom Image Small
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