Garage Conversions

 A great way to create more usable space within your home and increase its value is to turn the garage into an extra room.


Of course, office space is required, but utility rooms, bedrooms, or even music rooms are also sought-after. If you have a double garage space, then a combination of rooms is possible. 


We can organise planning and building regulations to ensure your new room won't be a liability if you try and sell in the future.

Potters will manage all building works and even the fitting out with kitchens and bedrooms etc.Another complete supply and installation service that we offer at Potters.


Building Work

We have been busy transforming customers homes. Garage conversions are only a small part of what we can offer our customers. In 2021 we have removed an entire chimney breast, removed loads of structural walls, replaced windows as part of a job and built extensions.

Please have a chat with us to see what we can do for you.

Home Deck
Room with Bunk Bed
Minimal Design Bathroom
White Sofa
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